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November 2, 2008

2 Steps Forward…1 Back

Making progress, but continue to run into snags and surprises.

Brian Curtis came over yesterday and we bled the brakes, found and fixed all the leaks, installed the emergency brake system, throttle linkage, drive shaft, loosely put the front sheet metal together and maybe 10 other things. It helps to have another pair of hands…especially an expert pair like Brian’s.

It’s looking more like a car…

The paint’s not buffed out yet, so the rest of the sheet metal assembly will have to wait for that.

Dash is in…

The green top part ties in exactly to the painted sill on the doors.

You can barely see BondoBill’s S/N decal on the door post. The devil is in the details 👍.

Still looking for a 53-55 C/K V8 shroud.