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October 26, 2008

Clutch Linkage

Probably one of the many “gotchas” I’ll encounter during the assembly process of the Ute.

I thought I had rounded up all the clutch linkage parts, but ran into two problems.

The trans is not drilled and tapped for the bolts that would either mount the trans in a car that didn’t mount off the bell housing, or (for our Studes) would mount the bracket that holds the clutch operating cross shaft. I’ve not seen one like this, but there must have been SOME Studebaker application that did not need these holes drilled and tapped

I figured I would drill and tap those holes once the engine and trans were installed so I could mock up the clutch linkage in position to insure I got the holes in the right location.

The second problem is that the bracket that bolts to the trans and holds the cross shaft is too short from where it bolts to the trans to where the ball socket for the cross shaft fits into it. I’m guessing I got one for a sedan and need one for a C/K…

Bottom line is that I need the correct cross shaft bracket (I BELIEVE that is all I need, but I’ve been wrong before…three times already today 😬 🤨)

Does anybody have one for sale?