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October 6, 2008


I installed new inner seals in the rear end of the Ute and slipped the axles back in. That’s when I noticed that BOTH axles were slightly twisted where the key ends up in the keyway…

It’s a little strange that BOTH were twisted since the car has an open rear end (factory 4.56/1).

Although Lee had a Supercharged Golden Hawk engine in the car, I don’t think it would have done this kind of damage to the axles. When I got the car, it had indications that a brand x engine was installed sometime after Lee sold it. It must have been a little TOO big OR someone had sidestepped the clutch at 4,000 RPMs too often.

I’ve got one good extra 44 axle in inventory, but need another. Anybody near this corner of the US have an extra?